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Ожерелье из натурального жемчуга "барокко" формы монеты 14,0 - 15,0 мм

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A necklace made of natural freshwater pearls of the "baroque" shape in the form of coins 40 cm long. A very large pearl of the "baroque" shape with a diameter of 14.0 - 15.0 mm has a bright and deep shine for the necklace. The unique shapes of each "baroque" pearl in a necklace create a unique design for each product and depend only on the imagination of the author.
Pearls are strung on a special high-strength polyester thread (made in Japan). Each pearl has an individual node that protects the necklace from spilling in case of rupture. At your request, the length of the necklace can be increased to 50 - 55 cm. For the necklace, an original lock in the form of a "heart" made of silver 925 with rhodium-plated is used. At your request, it is possible to replace it with a lock made of gold 375.

Data sheet

Data sheet

Pearl Type Freshwater Pearls
Pearl Size 14,0 - 15,0 мм
Pearl Quality Baroque
Pearl Body Color White
Length/Size 40 см
Metal Type Silver 925
Metal Weight, gramm 1,64



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Ожерелье из натурального жемчуга "барокко" формы монеты 14,0 - 15,0 мм

Ожерелье из натурального жемчуга "барокко" формы монеты 14,0 - 15,0 мм

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