The trademark "La Peregrina. Pearls and Fine Pearl Jewellery" is one of the leading suppliers of cultured pearls and semi-precious stones to the Russian market.

Our company cooperates with leading manufacturers and suppliers of natural pearls from South Asia and Japan. When selecting suppliers we always pay special attention to the quality of pearls. Regularly participating in the leading international jewelry fairs as buyers (buyers), such as Hong Kong Jewellery Show, Vicenza Fair (Italy), Basel World (Switzerland) we are always aware of the latest trends in the world of pearls.

Buying pearl jewelry under the brand name "La Peregrina" in our company, You get unique jewelry from pearls, coral and semi-precious stones at prices 50-70% below retail. Each product is made only from natural cultured pearls, natural coral and semi-precious stones and provided with the appropriate certificate confirming the authenticity of the products.

Its activity our company performs in full compliance with the Russian legislation on the basis of the Federal law "On precious metals and precious stones" and has a Certificate of special registration in the State assay chamber.


Retail trade in jewelry made of pearls under the brand name "La Peregrina" provides SP Malyshev I. V., bin 310774611701301, was 773101441120.
Certificate of special registration number 0160029586 from 19.08.2015