Pearls are more sensitive nature than most gemstones, so pearl jewelry require careful treatment.

Personal hygiene items and pearls

Personal care items such as cosmetics, sunscreen, perfume and hairspray contain chemicals that can significantly affect the brightness of the luster in pearls. Therefore, we recommend to wear pearl jewelry, not earlier than 30 minutes after application of cosmetics. Also, try to avoid direct contact with the surface of the pearls of the perfumes and toilet waters.

Storing and caring for pearls

Store Your pearl jewelry separately from other hard gemstones, as they can damage the soft surface of the pearl and cause scratches. Pearls are best stored in a soft tissue case or pouch. From time to time wipe it with a soft cloth. In extreme cases, pearls can be washed in mild soapy water or salt water. Never clean pearls with a solution containing ammonia, or strong detergent, and use abrasive powders or abrasive cloth — these cleaning methods can seriously damage the nacre.

Every two or three years we recommend knit pearl necklace on a new thread to prevent tearing. Better if the necklace knoted with a node, this will ensure the safety of the pearls in the event of a thread break and prevent possible damage to the pearls from rubbing against each other.

We recommend to protect pearls from drying out and to prolong the "life" of the stone is sure to wear. If people are constantly or at least often enough to wear pearl jewelry, they are subjected to continuous exposure to the sweat glands (sweat has a slightly acid reaction). This significantly slows the process of dehydration of pearls and promotes the dissolution of his weathered layers, which are gradually removed, and the jewel retains its Shine.

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